Dr. Tatum is now offering BEAR Implant for ACL injuries! 

BEAR Implant | Surgery for ACL Tears | Patient Testimonial

BEAR Implant

After Corey Peak tore his ACL in February 2015, he explored all of his treatment options. He was concerned that ACL reconstruction required a tendon graft and was associated with a relatively high risk of arthritis. Corey was excited to learn about bridge-enhanced ACL restoration with the BEAR Implant and was the first person to have the surgery in clinical trials. Watch his story here to see how he's doing 6+ years later, and learn about how the BEAR Implant helps heal your torn ACL.


You can watch the video here to learn more!

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Dr. Tatum now offering BEAR Implant!

The BEAR Implant is an advanced medical device that helps your body heal after an ACL injury. Dr. Tatum is one of the first in the area to offer this novel technique for ACL injuries.