OID's Dr. Matthew Romer  Performs First “Smart Knee” Procedure
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General Practice Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours are flexible in order to meet our patients' busy lives and work schedules. Individual Physician hours may vary. It is best to contact the secretary for more information.

Doctors Office
Monday- Thursday: 7:30AM- at least 5:00PM
Friday: 7:30AM- 3:00PM

Physical Therapy
Monday-Thursday: 7:00AM-7:00PM (last appointment taken at 6:00PM)
Friday: 7:00AM-12:00 (last appointment taken at 11:00AM)

What insurances do you participate with?

OID accepts most major insurance plans. Please see a list of insurance plans we accept by going to the patient information page under insurance.

What type of clothing should I wear for my doctor's and/or therapy visit?

Please wear loose-fitting clothing that will allow you to move easily. Be certain the doctor/therapist will be able to see the affected joint or surgery site.

Why do you need my social security number?

Our office requires a social security number for many different reasons. Your social security number is the only true identifier that we have for you. It helps us to know that we have the correct patient. Not only is it an identifier, but many of the major hospitals require a social security number when scheduling outside tests. Another use in our office is for billing and insurance purposes; a lack of social security number may require us to bill you and not your insurance carrier. We now require a second form of identification due to the Red Flag Rule. The optimal second form of identification would be a driver's license or state-issued ID.

How soon in advance should I request my x-rays and/or MRI?

We have at least a 24- 48 hour turnaround for most x-ray and MRI requests. Please make note that we do charge a small fee to copy the films for you. Please inquire about the fees when you fill out the request.

If I bring in my own x-rays, will I be getting them back?

When you bring copies of x-rays or CD's to your appointment, you should ask for them back, unless the doctor needs to keep them.

Where do your doctors do surgery?

Our doctors do surgery at many of the major hospitals and surgery centers in the area. It is up to the individual doctor to determine where a particular surgery should be performed. Please go to the physician's profile page to see what facilities he uses.

How long will I be off for surgery?

It is hard to determine each individual patient's recovery time. Many factors play a significant role in return to work. It is important to discuss these concerns with your doctor.

I will be off for surgery, and am required to take short-term disability. How do I go about getting my forms filled out?

Insurance/disability forms WILL NOT be completed on the day of your office visit, but will be completed within 7-10 business days. We can mail, fax, or leave the completed forms at the front desk for you to pick up. There is a $20.00 charge, which must be paid in advance, for the completion of each set of forms.

Are therapy services included in my surgery charge?

No. Therapy services are billed outside the global surgery fee reimbursed by your insurance company, and are covered separately.

Will my insurance cover my therapy visits?

Most insurance covers some (and in some cases all) of your therapy costs. As a courtesy, we always check therapy benefits prior to your first appointment, and will discuss your coverage as quoted by your insurance carrier at your first visit. However, this does not guarantee payment. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand your own coverage. Please notify us regarding any previous therapy or chiropractic treatment you received in the last year, as it may affect your coverage.


General Practice Questions

What is the importance of sub-specialty, fellowship training for physicians?

Experience the OID difference... all inclusive patient care under one roof.


What do I need to bring on my first visit?

How do I find out my insurance benefits if I need surgery?


There are codes on my bill and I don't understand them?

Is there help at OID to help answer my billing and insurance statement questions?


The billing department is here to help you...


Patient Accounts and the Collections Process

When does an account become delinquent?

Will OID set up a payment plan after my account becomes delinquent?


Are late fees assessed on my account if I miss a payment?

Can I still see my physician and do I still have access to my medical records if my account is delinquent?


When would my account be transferred to collections and what is that process?

What happens if I just cannot pay my balance?


Who is responsible for a minor patient's bill and what if that minor patient turns 18 years old during treatment, who is responsible for the bills?

Are surviving family members responsible for a deceased relative's account balance?


I've been injured and am in third party litigation... what happens with my bills if I am waiting on a settlement?


Worker's Compensation Questions

I was injured on the job and am filing a worker’s compensation claim. What do I need to bring with me on my first visit?

I've filed my worker’s compensation claim, but have not received authorization yet, can I still be seen by an OID physician?


If I pay any out-of-pocket expenses before my claim is approved, will I get reimbursed?

The worker's compensation process is complex, can OID help guide me through this entire process?

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