OID's Dr. Matthew Romer  Performs First “Smart Knee” Procedure
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Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton Location

Committed to Patient Care of the Highest Quality

The highly qualified and distinguished physicians of the Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton deliver services that are a cut above the rest.

The practice of orthopedic medicine is advancing every day as new procedures and technologies are introduced, promising less invasive surgeries, quicker recovery times, and better outcomes. Seeking out a physician who is a fellowship-trained subspecialist is crucial in ensuring a patient receives the best and most up-to-date care for his or her injury or concern.

Patients in the Greater Dayton area need to look no further than the Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton (OID). In practice since 1971, all of the group's physicians are fellowship-trained subspecialists, delivering unparalleled expertise to patients in need of a host of specialized services.

"Our status as an all-subspecialist practice is a differentiator for us. But there's much more to OID," says Todd Evans, CEO. “We provide convenience in the form of multiple office locations, each with extended hours; our two main office locations provide advanced imaging and physical therapy on-site; and our status as independent providers means we have lower costs—a savings we pass on to patients."

OID is also a part owner of the Greater Dayton Surgery Center, a state-of-theart facility offering a variety of outpatient orthopedic surgical procedures in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The OID Difference

Evans describes OID as a “one-stop shop" where patients can find a subspecialist in nearly every area of orthopedics. “Because of their expertise and single focus, our orthopedists have developed a higher level of proficiency and knowledge about a more limited area of practice," he explains. “They have a level of experience and have performed a number of surgeries generalists just can't compete with."

OID counts among its team specialists in the treatment of the knee, shoulder, hand, spine, foot, and ankle, as well as sports medicine, total joint replacement, and pain management.

Easy access to Greater Dayton Surgery Center is another differentiator. A Center of Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery, it consistently achieves patient satisfaction ratings in the top quartile. It's through the surgery center that OID's orthopedists were the first in the Dayton area to perform truly outpatient joint surgery, an advancement likely to be utilized, moving forward, by as many as 50 percent of eligible patients.

Patients can also avoid the big-hospital environment and all that comes with it—the intimidating maze of hallways, finding and paying for parking, and exposure to infections, illnesses, and diseases. “Our patients aren't sick; they just have an orthopedic condition," Evans says. “They don't need to be in a hospital."

OID has been treating patients for 50 years now, and there's no slowdown on the horizon. In fact, its doctors are now seeing and treating the second and sometimes third generations of a family. “We may have treated a patient 30 years ago for a hand injury, that person's child years later for a sport's injury, and a grandparent for hip replacement last week," Evans concludes. “That speaks to a level of trust and care you won't find elsewhere."

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