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Sports Medicine


One of the goals of sports medicine is to try to get an athlete back into action as soon as possible. Returning too soon, before adequate healing or recovery, can put you at risk for re-injury and possibly an even longer down time. With the right game plan for sports injuries, from early diagnosis and treatment to full functional rehabilitation, you can often safely accelerate your return to play.

Tips From The Pros To Speed Your Recovery

  • Maintain year round balanced physical conditioning.
  • Make sure that injuries are recognized early and treated promptly.
  • Participate in a full functional rehabilitation program.
  • Stay fit while injured.
  • Keep a positive, upbeat attitude.

Recovery from an injury involves a series of logical steps from the time of the injury until you are able to be back on the field or court. Each step should be outlined and monitored by your physician and physical therapist.

Following the rational progression of recovery not only lessens the chance of re-injury but also assures that you will be able to perform at your best when you return to play. All too often, athletes think they are ready to return as soon as the limp or the swelling subsides. They may feel good, but they are probably only 70 to 75% recovered. This invites re-injury.

There is often tremendous pressure to get the athlete back as soon as possible, but the athlete's health and safety must be placed above all other concerns. A systematic recovery plan is successfully used every day, at all levels of play, from the recreational athlete to the elite professional or Olympic athlete.

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