OID's Dr. Matthew Romer  Performs First “Smart Knee” Procedure
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Workers' Compensation



Your Workers' Compensation carrier must grant authorization for you to be seen by our physicians. This authorization must be in our office prior to your initial visit. If we do not have the required authorization, your visit will be rescheduled until it is obtained.


We can only bill Workers' Compensation if your claim is active and/or the condition our physician is treating has been allowed on your claim.

If your claim or condition is not allowed within 90 days, we must look to you for payment of the account in full. You will be reimbursed if and when Workers' Compensation pays for your services. We suggest that you work closely with your employer or Workers' Comp case manager so that your claim/condition is allowed within the 90-day period. Any services not covered by Workers' Compensation are your responsibility.

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