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Rotator Cuff Repair Specialist

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Rotator cuff injuries are commonplace in the sports world, but they’re also a frequent source of pain in all adults. The team at Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton, located in Dayton, Miamisburg, Springboro, and Tipp City, Ohio, specializes in arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs, which is an essential procedure for athletes or anyone who relies on having a strong and stable shoulder. To learn whether you might benefit from a rotator cuff repair, call the office nearest you or book online today.

Rotator Cuff Repair Q & A

What is the rotator cuff?

Your rotator cuff is made up of four muscles and their tendons. These tissues have the important job of holding your upper arm in the shoulder socket. They’re also responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint while allowing your arm to go through its full range of motion.

What causes a rotator cuff tear?

Rotator cuff tears usually occur in the tendons that connect the muscles to your upper arm. This type of tear may be caused by:

Acute injury

Falling onto your arm or lifting a heavy object often leads to an acute rotator cuff injury. It’s also common for the tendons to tear when you dislocate your shoulder.

Degenerative damage

Repetitive movement gradually wears down the rotator cuff tissues, eventually making them weak enough to tear. Bone spurs in the shoulder joint cause a similar problem, as they continuously rub against the soft tissues.

When might I need surgical rotator cuff repair?

The initial treatment for a rotator cuff injury or tear is rest, activity modification, and immobilization. As the tissues heal, you can begin rehabilitation to restore strength to the joint.

Your Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton doctor may recommend surgery to repair the rotator cuff when:

  • Your pain doesn’t improve with conservative treatments

  • You use your arms for overhead sports or work

  • You have significant shoulder weakness

  • Your tear is acute (brand new)

  • You have a large tear

What happens during rotator cuff repair?

A partial rotator cuff tear may only need to have the damaged tissue trimmed away and inflamed tissues removed. Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton repairs a complete tear by re-attaching the tendon back to its original site on the upper arm bone.

Your surgery may be performed using a mini-open repair, or most often, minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery. The difference between them is the size of your incision. Open surgery has the longest cut, while arthroscopy is the least invasive with tiny incisions.

The type of procedure that’s best for you depends on variables like the severity of your rotator cuff injury, whether you have other shoulder problems being repaired at the same time, and your overall health.

If you suffer from shoulder pain, you may need a rotator cuff repair. To schedule an appointment, call Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton or request an appointment online today.