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Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton, Inc. is a patient-centered practice, committed to providing our patients with choices of care that are of the highest quality and are consistent with current medical and orthopaedic science.


We believe our focused care combined with the vast training and experience of our doctors distinguishes Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton. Fellowship training is the root of OID's practice and 100% of our surgeons are fellowship-trained.

The fellowship training process is designed to allow physicians to develop special skills and interests that they hope will become the focus of their professional career. With orthopaedics being so diverse a specialty, many surgeons prefer to focus their attention on a narrower area. They feel that this allows them to obtain a higher level of proficiency and knowledge about a more limited area of practice – and thus they can provide better care for their patients in that area.

Fellowship training involves completing an additional one-year experience with a highly regarded physician who focuses on a specific area of orthopaedic surgery. This optional training takes place after doctor's residency.

Sub-specialties were relatively new when Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton implemented this philosophy of care. There are 14 different societies within orthopaedics and being able to focus on a specific specialty provides physicians with a better comfort level and the ability to stay on the cutting edge of their medical area.

At OID, we believe fellowship training – the focus on a sub-specialty – coupled with the experience of performing a high volume of surgical cases within that sub-specialty offers a further level of expertise to our patients and makes our doctors great surgeons.


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