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Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my insurance pay for a Telehealth appointment?
A: During the COVID-19 Outbreak, Medicare and Medicaid have broadened access to Telehealth coverage to encourage social distancing without interrupting needed care. Many private insurance companies will provide coverage for Telehealth visits. Be sure to check with your private insurance carrier as many policies are adding telehealth services.

Q: Is there an extra cost for a Telehealth appointment?
A: No, there is not an extra cost. We bill insurance using the same codes as an in-person visit.

Q: How do I schedule a Telehealth appointment?
A: Currently, patients call our Scheduling Department to schedule a Telehealth visit.

Q: What kind of device do I need to participate in a Telehealth appointment?
A: The concept behind Telehealth is for your doctor to see you and your injury, and discuss treatment options. You must use a device that can make phone calls, has video capabilities, a microphone and audio. Your mobile phone, either iOS or Android, your computer or iPad are all acceptable methods.

Q: Will I need Wifi?
A: WiFi is not required, however, it is highly recommended because you need the ability to connect to the internet. If you do not have WiFi, you need a mobile device with cellular data.

Q: Can I get prescriptions through a video visit?
A: Yes, if needed, your provider can order prescription medications for you and send them directly to the pharmacy of your choice.

Q: How can my provider treat me with a physical exam?
A: Many times your provider does not need to perform a hands-on-exam to safely diagnose and treat your condition.


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